Minneapolis Responsive Website Designer Mitch Rossow
Mitch Rossow Portrait

Minneapolis Web Designer & WordPress Developer

Mitch Rossow, Minneapolis web designer and WordPress developer provides the full range of design and development services. Including logo & identity to print and responsive web design, WordPress development, site construction, SEO and site hosting & maintenance. It’s a broad range of skills, but there are good reasons for this. 

Communication, Technology and Service

I grew up in a family printing business. Back in the 70s quick printing disrupted the communication world. A series of technological revolutions shook up an industry held down by hot type and long lead times. Smaller companies and individuals now had access and it made peoples lives better. I learned design as a child; while hand setting type with a strip printer I had fun lining up letters to look good, not knowing it was called kerning. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Graphic Design and working for several large corporations in Minneapolis, I struck out on my own returning to my family’s roots in individualized personal service. 

Structured Data may be good and Flash maybe bad, but Helvetica is forever.

Traditionalist who is simultaneously open to new ideas. How human eye works is after all always the same. But the tools of communication grow with technology. I am always on the lookout for new and better ways to do things but also a pragmatist. I certainly love books. My dad bought me a full set of the Encyclopedia Britannica at a library sale. They taught me so much, especially that information is best organized, readable and mostly interesting.

Minneapolis Web Designer with creative solutions that work

It was a long and bumpy path from the chemistry-heavy printshop darkroom to building responsive WordPress websites at a coffeeshop and composing digital photos with what I like to call “dry photography.” However it’s an enjoyable path that I learned so much along the way. With a solid foundation in how things were, I can see how they should be. I know what typographic leading is because I have used and still own lead shims. René Descartes laid the foundation of reality by discovering that the ability to question was unquestionable. 

I look forward to working with you to successfully bring your project to reality.