Minneapolis Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a holistic process. It’s not something you do after a site is complete. Like plumbing a house, it’s better done during construction.

Search Engine Optimization Today

Optimizing your site for search engines is a critical part of marketing, when you hire me to build your site, I design and develop it following Google’s standards of practice.

Long gone are the rascally days of slime merchants hawking thousands of irrelevant inbound links. Google now uses AI to interrogate a site and ‘understand’ it. Thus the focus now is on-page seo.

On-page SEO is all about optimizing web pages individually in order to improve ranking and earn more relevant organic traffic. On-page is about both the content and the source code of a page instead of inconsequential inbounds.

So it’s about how the site is built.

Site structure, wording, linking, grammar and phrasing play a significant role in your site’s search engine optimization. SEO has to be factored in from the very beginning of a site’s development.

There are many great tools that can help with writing for SEO. I use several during construct of a site that I have tested and found helpful. When I build a site I include them and can mentor you in how to use them effectively on your own if you wish.

Holistic SEO

I love this term. I believe ‘holistic’ is a popular word because it reflects the ever-growing complexity of a modern free market. There is no ‘magic pill,’ no one perfect solution. Success in general is about systems and integration. Oh, holistic SEO means that every part of a site on all levels is optimized, from satisfying user intent to offering a stellar user experience.

Here is a short list I found from one of the great SEO consultants out there. I actually met him long ago and had a great conversation, he really knows his stuff! You can read the full article here.

What makes a good website?

  • Satisfies user intent and has a clear goal
  • Has technical prowess
  • Is trustworthy, safe and secure
  • Has a great design and stellar UX
  • Full of awesome, user-centered content
  • It’s mobile-friendly or responsive
  • Can ‘talk’ directly to search engines