Responsive WordPress Website Designer Portfolio - Mitch Rossow

WordPress website designer portfolio showcasing sites I’ve designed and developed. Click on a thumbnail to see for details such as design elements and marketing ideas for your next website design.

Why a WordPress website designer?

Although I’ve been building websites since 1997, when I discovered WordPress in 2007 I knew I found calling. Despite it’s humble beginnings as a pure blog engine, WordPress quickly became a CMS. In essence it allows the content to be readily changed through a word-processor style interface.

In the early days of html, I would build a site and any edit had to be made only by me. This lead to lots of tedious work and unwelcome invoices for my time. Now when I build a site with WordPress, a client can simply log in and edit the content anytime.
Consequently everyone is much happier.

WordPress Design Portfolio

So please enjoy looking through this portfolio of recent sites. I wrote a little bit about each one. Touching on the interesting points and what made each project unique. Website design is a fun collision of challenges such as visual design, typography, colors, SEO writing, persuasion and coding.

With WordPress I get to do the challenging stuff and my clients enjoy the freedom to change, add and tweak content with abandon.