Musican Website Design for Best Christmas Concert

Musician Website design for Best Christmas Concert

Responsive Mobile Version

Responsive Website for Best Christmas Concert mobile

This musician website design for The Best Christmas Concert is a one-page site designed to generate downloads of SimpleGifts’ Christmas Concert.

SimpleGifts is an ensemble music group that currently has two markets and one amazing style. Their primary market is the Holiday season. Their unique, modern take on Christmas classics is a Minnesota tradition which sells out venues across the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota area. Unfortunately due to Covid-19 restrictions on venues, they developed a virtual Christmas concert. In addition to promoting the concert on their music website that I build, this site is an independent marketing site. As they appear on national TV shows, they can simply say “Go to  Best Christmas Concert .com

Responsive WordPress musician website design

The majority of the site’s traffic is from mobile devices but since the site is responsive, it maintains a double life, looking great on both mobile and desktop devices alike. Responsive means there is only one site, but the design changes depending on the the device it’s being shown on. There are actually 5 different design stages for this site. Having grown up in the design business, the challenges of thinking in this flexible manner are natural to me and I really enjoy the process.

One Page Responsive Site

This site is just one page! By having all the content contained to one page, it improves SEO and keeps the visitor focused on continuing on to purchasing the concert.

Be sure to check out the site, watch the concert and wen life returns to normal, take your family to one of their shows! The music is incredible and the experience is genuine and rewarding.