Small Business Website Design for SimpleGifts

WordPress Website Design for SimpleGifts Billy McLaughlin

This small business website design for SimpleGifts and Billy McLaughlin is a fun, content-rich responsive WordPress website that reflects the energy of SimpleGifts.

SimpleGifts is an ensemble music group that currently has two markets and one amazing style. Their primary market is the Holiday season. Their unique, modern take on Christmas classics is a Minnesota tradition which sells out venues across the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota area. SimpleGifts also has a tour they call “The Young & The Rest” which applies their same beautiful creative approach to the music of Neil Young; Crosby, Stills and Nash; The Eagles and more.

Responsive WordPress website design

The majority of the site’s traffic is from mobile devices but since the site is responsive, it maintains a double life, looking great on both mobile and desktop devices alike. Responsive means there is only one site, but the design changes depending on the the device it’s being shown on. There are actually 5 different design stages for this site. Having grown up in the design business, the challenges of thinking in this flexible manner are natural to me and I really enjoy the process.

Online music sample player

One of the many cool features of this site is the online music player. Once you hear SimpleGifts, you get it. They don’t do boring. They don’t do expected. They make the music you’ve known your entire life brighter by presenting it with an unexpected richness and soulfulness. Visitors need to experience it and so the site has a music player with lots of samples from their many CDs. Speaking of CDs, all six of their CDs are available for purchase on their website.

Media press kit

Billy McLaughlin is brilliant, generous and endlessly positive. Long ago he named his company Proton Records because a proton has a positive charge. Not sure anyone notices that, but I loved it when told me. I’ve worked with Billy since the 90’s and I’m a better person for knowing him. Billy’s positivity and generosity flows through the site and there’s no greater expression of it than the Press Kit. Each artist is introduced there with a great bio and lots of pictures of them individually and as a band.

Be sure to check out the site and take your family to one of their shows, the music is incredible and the experience is genuine and rewarding.