Therapist Website Design for Maggie Christopher

Therapist Website Design for Maggie Christopher

This Therapist Website Design for Maggie Christopher supports her holistic nutrition approach by including extensive content for her clients. Her therapist website has unique requirements. For example her approach is to help clients find what lies before their behaviors. Therefore her website has lots of content that helps her clients “Understand & explore the root causes of their cravings.”

Additionally this responsive website integrates with Thus her clients can manage their schedules automatically.

Responsive Therapist Website Design for Maggie Christopher

Overall a responsive WordPress website has many advantages. Responsive means that the website ‘responds’ to the device a visitor is using. Thus it changes it’s design to fit if it’s on a phone or computer. Consequently instead of a website having a mobile version, the whole site is universal. Also WordPress makes it easy for you to edit your own website after it’s built. Therefore Maggie can update the site, post blog articles and add testimonials. But I am always available to help out or make updates for her.

Overall Features

  • WordPress Website Design
  • Responsive Website Design
  • SEO Integration
  • Integration