Small Business Website Design for OCC Partners

This small business website design for OCC Partners services multiple roles. OCC is for the most part a Twin Cities talent recruiting agency. OCC recruits for several different professions and they also provide other services. Accordingly, the challenge is to cover multiple subjects while presenting a professional and unique image.

The look is specifically designed to unify their multiple departments. Additionally stock photography and animations bring the ‘pop’ to the website.

Responsive WordPress Website Design

One especially fun solution to multiple topics is the ‘mega menu.’ Mega menus are menus with dropdowns that show multiple columns. Originally there were several mega menu dropdown. However now after adapting the site several times, the only remaining one is the Healthcare section.

Many of the pages follow complex designs that add significant visual interest. Similarly this style carries through to the blog. The blog articles are from several different writers. Nonetheless they follow the existing writing style, design and related stock photography.

Google SEO and Social Media Marketing Integration

Every page and blog post includes full Google SEO snippets and featured images. Therefore when they are then shared to LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter they have a properly-sized photo with enticing headline copy.

The pages and blog posts also have integrated social media marketing for whenever they are shared.

Overall Features

  • WordPress Website Design.
  • Responsive Website Design.
  • Blog Article Design.
  • LinkedIn Marketing.
  • Google SEO Integration.