Small Business Website Design for Ryan Plumbing

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This small business website design for Ryan Plumbing & Heating of Saint Paul is designed for the very competitive plumbing market. People don’t think about plumbing and heating until they need the service and then they are in a hurry. Search Engine Ranking is critical to the website’s success.

Localized Content

Google localizes results for services like plumbing. Ryan Plumbing and Heating serves the entire Twin Cites Metro area, but Google doesn’t make generalizations like that. So the solution I came up with is having landing pages for each city, town and suburb in their service area. Each of these pages is targeted to the location and plumbing & heating services. This informs Google that Ryan Plumbing is a relevant search engine result for each of those locations. It’s a lot of extra content, but that’s what Google wants.

Extensive Content

Plumbing is a large category. With five generations of experience in Saint Paul, the Ryan family can handle pretty much any plumbing project. But people search for specific things they need so the site has to not only list these services but also elaborate and discuss them for Google to consider Ryan as a search engine result. So again, like the location services, each plumbing and heating project receives attention through a content-laden page. Af course all that text about plumbing can get tiresome without some pictures to break it up. So I researched and purchased relevant and fun stock photography to brighten up the site.

Google Analytics

Once a site is up and running, seeing how visitors interact with it is critical to optimizing the site’s usefulness. I use Google Analytics and Webmaster’s tools to monitor the site’s activity and adjust the site design, layout and structure in order to reflect Ryan Plumbing and guide visitors to the right pages.

Responsive Website Design

When people are in a hurry, they will use their mobile devices to search the web. That’s why every website should be responsive. A responsive website changes itself to look right on any device. Have you ever looked at a website on your phone and the type was so small you couldn’t read it without zooming in? Or have you used your desktop to visit a site (usually restaurants) and the type was ridiculously huge and the site looked like a preschooler designed it? These are examples of non responsive websites. Every site I build is responsive.  They look great on any device and the type is readable on all of them.

Overall Features

  • WordPress Website Design
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Stock Photography
  • Localized Content
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Analytics